The Best Spot to See a View of the Town, NICE


Nice in France is one of the very famous places as a place people go on a vacation. You can chill out on the beach, you can eat french cuisine and Italian cuisine and you can go to sightseeing spots.

I had a short trip there from Paris and today, I will show you about my favorite places there.

Castle Hill

This is the best spot of all places there. I want you to go there definitely. 

It is located about 20 min walk away from the center of the city. The place I want you to go is at the top of the hill so you have to go up a little bit long stairs. That has an elevator so if you are not confident with your physical stamina, don’t worry, you can take the elevator.

There are 2 observation decks and from the 1st observation deck, you can see a beautiful view. 

What an amazing view! I was really surprised that I was able to see this  view. 

This view is from the 1st observation deck and the place was very nice. Keep going the stairs, there was a park many people came and everyone chilled out there.

Here’s the view from the top of the hill.

We can get to see all of the city, I think. The beautiful beach and traditional houses whose color is orange. I was really really happy to see the view.

By the way, there isn’t a castle here. Why I say so is because the name of the place is ‘Castle Hill’. 

Cathedral Saint-Nicolas a Nice

A cathedral of Russian architecture.

This cathedral isn’t too big and it is located a little bit far a way from the center of the city so you should take a bus or taxis.
The outside is so amazing and it is a very interesting shape. You can go inside for free but can’t take pictures. Moreover, you shouldn’t  wear a short pants and tank top. If you go there in summer, don’t worry, they give you a stole.

I thought that I was in Russia. The establishment was very colorful and beautiful. I was able to have a good time there.

Hang Out in Old Town 

There are many restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops in the old town.

I hung out there without having a map. Shops are selling famous soups made in Marseille, a shop are selling cosmetics of lavender and a store are selling hand made leather good, which is bags, wallets, card holders and more are in the place.

I thought that around the place looked like Italy and for me, it was very interesting spot. On the street, there was a butcher shop that had a delicious roasted chicken and many shop many tourists came. 

These are soaps made in Marseille and they have many kinds of color and scents. Why don’t you to find your favorite. By the way, my favorite are lavender and coconut!

In this street, there was a store who has leather items such as bags and wallets. When I was hanging out the street, I found the store. And I talked with a store manager and something really surprising happened. A few years ago, I went to Firenze in Italy with my friend and we found a shop and We bought a bag made of leather there. 
Surprisingly, the shop in Nice had the same bag I bought in Italy. I told the store manager about the story and he said ‘That’s my store also!’ I was really surprised at this. Before I know it, I went to the same store and bought a bag from the same person. That was a surprising story and I was happy about that so I brought two bags there.

The Beach

There is a very beautiful beach in Nice. 

If you want to have some rest, I recommend you go to the beach. The blue sea and some establishments are very nice.

There are some benches along the street in front of the beach and you can take relaxation. The view was really nice and I had a amazing time.

My Recommend Activity

It is not a sightseeing spots what I’m going to say. There was vehicle go around the town and it was really good. 

It takes 10€ to ride and go around the town. That has audio guide. I think that you should take this for the first day of through a trip because you will able to get to understand about the place and can listen to explanation of sightseeing spots.

Thank you for reading. 
I’m sorry, if my sentences are wrong. I have been learning English.


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